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Phonics for our Parents

We have held two ‘Phonics for Parents’ workshops this term. Oh what fun we had. Take a look at our parents in action!

Writing cvc words using the correct letter formations.
Using sound buttons to orally segment and blend cvc words.
How many cvc words can you build with the letters c/a/t/p/i/n/m?
Team work!
High levels of concentration!
Start them early……..!!
‘Crossing the River’ game using stepping stones. Watch the crocodiles don’t eat you!

The parents feedback from our exciting sessions.

“Learning the terms Phoneme and Grapheme and seeing the games that children play to learn them.”

“I feel that I can help my daughter more when we read together now.”

“Understanding how my child learns to sound things out.”

“Better understanding of Phonics,.”

“Knowing what Phonemes and Graphemes are.”

“Gaining the understanding of how my child is taught.”

“Getting the parents involved on how to help their children learn Phonics at home.”

“I enjoyed the whole thing!”

Interested……Look out for our next workshop!