We are so proud of all the fantastic home learning that has been happening during school closure that we wanted to present the children with a special award. They are so proud of their awards!

Take a look…

“Millie was so proud to receive star of the week and couldn’t wait to do her homework today.” (Quote from mum).
“Wow she’s so excited she can’t wait until she can come back to get it 🤩” (Quote from mum).
“Oh wow! Just showed this to Bradley he is over the moon.” (Quote from dad).
“Thank you so much for this lovely certificate :-)” (Quote from mum).
Corey is so pleased with his award. Thank you.” (Quote from mum).
” Wow! Sifa is so happy to be awarded a special certificate for being star of the week. She said thanks miss Bell and Mrs. Robert 🎶😂 ” (Quote from mum).